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2018. Little cycling girl in France. From Thoirette to Arles



2018. Little cycling girl in France. From Passavant-la-Rochere to Thoirette



2018. Little cycling girl in France. From Mechelen (BE) to Passavant-la-Rochere



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2018. Triënnale Brugge

More information on the website of Triënnale Brugge.



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2017. Little cycling girl in France – Mont Ventoux


It is high and there’s a lot of wind… Guess! Right! The Mont Ventoux. In september three friends and I departed for a climb of the legendary mountain.
With the weather forecast being promising, we started climbing, from Malaucène to the top. I had in mind not to stop while climbing, but even after less then one kilometer I gave up on that idea. My heart was about to jump out of my body…! So, I stopped and restarted…
It took a while and the most friendly cyclists encouraged me. The views were splendid, the cookies that I had with me were heavenly, and the water in my bidon… oh, it was the best water I ever had!

After *uhum* only two hours and a half I could see the famous red and white mast. But then I also saw one of my companions, with a flat tire. A FLAT TIRE… on one kilometer from the top! Well, try to stop those friendly cyclists when they smell their sweet victory. Lucky for us, one of them came back from his victorious reach to the top, with a spare tire. So, at the end we all reached the top together.IMG_0039ventoux
During the climb I thaught I was a very crazy cycling girl. It was as if I was cycling through hell itself. Hell with a nice view. But hell is quite amazing when you reach the top!IMG_0040IMG_0036
Vaucluse is of course more then Le Géant du Provence. There are markets with the fullfilling joy for nose and eyes. Deepyellow melons, large basil leaves, blue-purple dried lavender, golden honey, juicy nectarines…
And a delightful nature which brings pleasure to hikers and cyclists. If you climbed the windy mountain (or not) make sure you treat yourself with a (cycling) tour of Gorges de la Nesque. Take the short climb, have a picknick and then descend for more or less 16 kilometers at a percentage of around 3%.
Extra for the readers of De bekeerlinge van Stefan Hertmans: you pass by Monieux!IMG_0041IMG_0042